Our Vision and Mission

At AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design, our position as one of America’s leading hospitality, multi-family residential, and affordable housing architectural design firms stems directly from our people-first culture. By fostering an environment where every team member is empowered to fearlessly approach their work with passion, we can design the unforgettable human experiences we’ve come to be renown for.

Our Vision: Shape the best in humans to shape the best human experiences.

Our Mission: To collaboratively deliver unforgettable architectural design and innovative technical solutions for America’s intrepid multifamily residential, hospitality, and affordable housing development leaders.

Our commitment

At AXIS/GFA, practicing architecture is more than simply designing award-winning spaces – it’s a commitment to serve our clients and project partners with an approach that sets us apart in the industry.

Put people first

We commit to inspiring our people to be the best they can be, empowering them to design a world that prioritizes the human experience.

Create a culture of “Yes, that’s possible”

We enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to conquer challenges to build the future imagined.

Be our clients’ partner in success

We confidently accept our role as trusted expert partner to our clients, guiding them to business success.

Exceed expectations

We strive to exceed our clients' and project partners’ expectations by consistently and reliably delivering the unexpected.

Design a better world

We passionately seek opportunities to collaboratively build a better world full of possibility, one project and design at a time.

Provide accessible, responsive expertise

We will continue to provide nimble and responsive access to the expertise our clients and project partners need to ensure their success.

Deliver beautiful, practical solutions

We endeavor to solve each architectural design challenge by creating inspiring yet sensibly functional spaces that foster memorable experiences.

Be the industry leader

We challenge ourselves to continue to earn our position as industry leaders in hospitality, multi-family residential, and affordable housing design.

Our commitment to social justice

Black Lives Matter. AXIS/GFA recognizes the truth of this statement by affirming, as one of its core values, that we believe that all people no matter the color of their skin, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, or religious beliefs shall be afforded equal access to opportunity within our company.  We believe that a diverse workforce of designers produces a better product for our clients and the communities that we work in.  Our vision is: we shape the best in humans to shape the best human experiences.  By extension, the humans we are referring to include the most disadvantaged.

AXIS/GFA’s hiring practices, as well as criteria for compensation and promotion, are scrutinized by an internal committee of diverse leaders, as well as by outside 3rd party advisors.  We are striving to create a team of professionals that closely mirrors the world around us. We pledge to increase our support for scholarships for Black design students at leading architectural schools in the markets where we practice.

AXIS/GFA seeks to engage with clients who share our values of inclusion and non-discrimination.  We promote active engagement and outreach in the communities where our projects are located to ensure that the design solutions we are proposing produce positive results both economically and socially. We pledge to provide pro bono design services and hands-on contributions to underserved Black communities.

We will make annual financial contributions to the NAACP, in addition to other organizations working to advance social justice.

A history of inspiring design

AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design is an award-winning full-service international architecture and design firm. Although an all-industry firm, AXIS/GFA offers particular expertise in hospitality design, hotel architecture, hospitality facility renovations, multi-family residential architectural design, and affordable housing community design.

Founded in San Francisco in 2001, merging with renowned Los Angeles-based Gene Fong Associates in 2015, and expanding to Hawaii and Boston in 2020, AXIS/GFA is able to deliver accessible and responsive expertise across the continent, helping owners increase investor value through inspiring spaces and unforgettable guest experiences.


For us, practicing architecture is its own reward, but we do appreciate it when the communities we design for like what we do.

Meet the team

It’s because of the talented and committed individuals that make up the team at AXIS/GFA that we’re able to accomplish the amazing things that we do as a firm. Meet the team that makes AXIS/GFA unique.