With a fresh new focus featuring the iconic imagery of our architectural design, the team at AXIS Architecture + Design is extremely proud to announce the launch of our new website, now live at www.axisonline.net. Nearly half a year in development, the new site’s image-centric aesthetic and simple functionality makes our web presence more representative of the character of the architecture AXIS Architecture + Design has come to be renown for.

“In the years since our first site was launched, AXIS’ expertise in the architectural design community has really come to be defined,” states Cory Creath, Principal Architect at AXIS Architecture + Design. “We’ve always been known as having an amazing team of accomplished commercial, retail, and mixed-use architects, but over the last decade, we’ve really come to be known as one of North America’s most prolific hospitality, resort, and hotel architectural firms. Presenting a site that tells that story, that shows how we’ve become experts in all of our niches, and that features our iconic design was key in motivating the new website design.”

After a first visit to the new site, visitors will notice several significant changes to our new online presence. First and foremost is a focus on the imagery that captures our designs. AXIS Architecture + Design is known for providing common sense solutions for real world challenges, but we’re increasingly known for our beautiful designs as well. With the new site, those designs take center stage through a simple, sophisticated, and image-centric layout. As well, visitors will notice the addition of our new destination blog, On the AXIS. Here, the latest news, updates, musings, and industry observations from AXIS and its architectural personalities will regularly be featured.

In the weeks and months to comes, additional content is already planned to be added. Be sure to visit often to check out our latest updates and accomplishments.

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