A virtual roundtable by Hotel Management Magazine and AXIS/GFA

Join us for our upcoming virtual roundtable: Unmasking hotel viability – Practical optimizations with long-term value.

Tailored for hotel owners and operators looking to optimize their property to increase its viability during the pandemic, the roundtable will discuss approachable optimization and renovation opportunities that will also increase a hotel’s marketability in a post-pandemic environment.

Moderated by AXIS/GFA Principal Architect Cory Creath and including AXIS/GFA’s hotel renovation expert Rory Carroll, the virtual roundtable will include perspectives from EDG Design (interior design), SCEG (MEP), Comren (construction) and KHP Capital Partners (investment).

Benefits for hotel owners and operators

  • What property enhancements can increase my hotel’s viability during the pandemic?
  • How will hotel design change in the future in response to the “new normal?”
  • What optimizations can I make to my property that will deliver value for years to come?
  • If I’m considering a short-term or permanent repurposing of my property, what do I need to consider?
  • What changes to my event and F&B spaces will be the most profitable in the coming years?

A chance to win personalized feasibility consulting

Hotel owner or operator attendees will be entered to win 20 hours of personalized feasibility consulting to explore the optimization opportunities at their property.

When, where, how

  • Wednesday, March 10, 11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern
  • Registration is complementary
  • Attend virtually; register in advance through the link below

Join us and unmask your hotel’s increased viability; register at Hotel Management Magazine today: https://pages.questexnetwork.com/AXISGFA-Registration-031021.html

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