Citrine Apartments Affordable Housing Project

The Citrine Apartments are part of a mixed-use hotel and housing concept that includes the mid-range Hotel Trio. Encompassing 37 dwellings with a portion set aside as low-income housing, they represent a new wave in affordable housing developments and a creative workaround to the challenge of California’s entitlement process.


Healdsburg, California


R.D. Olson


37 residential units over four stories

As part of an accompanying suites hotel architecture project, and as one of the contingencies for the approval of Hotel Trio provided by the California entitlement process, AXIS/GFA was retained to oversee the architectural design of the Citrine Apartments: a multi-family housing development located in Healdsburg, California. The housing development incorporates 37 dwellings in a modern four-story building with a portion of the units set aside for low income residents. It was designed to blend harmoniously with the nearby Hotel Trio, an elegantly rustic mid-range hotel with the look and feel of a boutique establishment.

The complex helps address Healdsburg’s increasing need for affordable housing, while the Hotel Trio accommodates tourism growth in the area. Where Hotel Trio and the Citrine Apartments differ in materials and use they make up for in structural harmony. The Citrine Apartments are an L shape and the Hotel Trio a U shape, with the L intruding into the U. The result is two buildings that appear to complete each other, despite the areas in which they are in contrast.

The multi-family Citrine Apartments was awarded a Gold Nugget Grand Award by the panel at the 2019 Pacific Coast Builders Conference as 2019’s “Best Affordable Housing Community 30-60 DU/Acre.”

“AXIS/GFA led the design of Hotel Trio and Citrine Apartments in Healdsburg, California, successfully intertwining an upscale hospitality property with a multi-family residential development. Apart from delivering a beautiful locally inspired hotel design that will no doubt contribute to the project's financial success, AXIS/GFA were key stakeholders in helping navigate the unique entitlement process, which delivered an element of affordable housing through the multi-family residential portion of the project - a win for the city, and an approach we anticipate seeing replicated elsewhere as developers look for ways to make their projects more valuable to the communities they're servicing."

Robert Alter, President, Seaview Investors