Hotel Trio Independent Hotel Design

Hotel Trio and the Citrine Apartments includes a 126 room hotel and a 37 suite affordable housing complex. Originally slated as just the Hotel Trio, the Citrine Apartments were added on as a solution in response to California’s entitlement process. The result is an innovative and harmonious mixed-use development, winner of a Gold Nugget Award for “Best Affordable Housing Community, under 30 du/acre” at the 2019 PCBC gala.


Healdsburg, California


Seaview Investors, LLC.


126 room hotel over four stories with a complementary 37 suite affordable housing complex

Hotel Trio and the Citrine Apartments are a mixed-use development in Healdsburg, California, designed by AXIS/GFA. The project, developed by Robert Alter, initially began with the hotel—a 126 room structure intended to fill in much needed gaps in Healdsburg’s mid-range tourist accommodations. However, California’s entitlement process required the initiation of some changes to the original plans, resulting in the addition of an affordable housing complex onto the four acre site.

The addition of the Citrine Apartments to the Hotel Trio project signified more than just a creative solution to entitlement requirements. By designing a residential structure that was in harmony with its commercial counterpart, AXIS/GFA was able to create a new model for affordable housing development. Since its completion, the Citrine Apartments have been recognized as a groundbreaking achievement in affordable housing innovation, and were awarded a Gold Nugget Award for “Best Affordable Housing Community, under 30 du/acre” at the 2019 PCBC gala.

“AXIS/GFA led the design of Hotel Trio and Citrine Apartments in Healdsburg, California, successfully intertwining an upscale hospitality property with a multi-family residential development. Apart from delivering a beautiful locally inspired hotel design that will no doubt contribute to the project's financial success, AXIS/GFA were key stakeholders in helping navigate the unique entitlement process, which delivered an element of affordable housing through the multi-family residential portion of the project - a win for the city, and an approach we anticipate seeing replicated elsewhere as developers look for ways to make their projects more valuable to the communities they're servicing."

Robert Alter, President, Seaview Investors