San Pedro Hotel

San Pedro’s architectural history is going to come to life in the boutique San Pedro hotel, which will be located on 6th Street next to the Warner Grand Theater.


San Pedro, California


88 rooms over 7 stories

The 88 room, 7 story boutique San Pedro hotel will be one of the first hotels to be built in San Pedro’s downtown historic district in decades, and is planned to be located on San Pedro’s 6th Street, next to the historical Warner Grand Theater. The hotel’s architectural design takes cues from the theater nextdoor, as well as the adjacent historic storefronts. Chevron and zig-zag patterning, characteristic of the era, have been incorporated in the dark brick base and window metalwork, and a zig-zagging glass roof enclosure creates playful reflections of the skyline for those walking along the street. A neon blade sign playfully echoes the look and feel of the Warner Grand Theater, reminiscent of the art deco era of downtown San Pedro.